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5 Do’s and Don’ts of BBQing at home

While barbecuing is fun and delicious, some simple tips and tricks can make this experience more fun. Barbecue is an art, not science. So, even though most of the time it’s to trust your instincts, some things are better left alone.

So, if you have decided to get your party started in your backyard or porch this weekend, do go through these Do’s and Don’ts to avoid messing up your BBQ this weekend.



  • Make sure you flip your meat or steak using tongs or a spatula and not a fork. This is because fork creates holes in your meat when you try to grab it, resulting in the spices and flavors leaking out of the meat. We don’t want our meat to taste bland, right?
  • Make sure you use oil to slick up your grill before roasting or grilling any meat as it will only end up sticking to the grill grate. You can also put olive oil on the vegetable or meat before you start grilling them, this will make them non-sticky and later easy to remove.
  • Choose a Pellet barbecue grill as it gives a more authentic feeling to the whole experience. You can chill out with a group of friends near your barbecue while cooking a delicious starter and main course for them.
  • Toss herbs directly into the charcoal to give your grilled foods an
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